Behind The Scenes

Ten finalists have just done their first photo shoot. Two consecutive days of shooting, immediately test their physical strength and endurance, at the same time using what they learnt from the catwalk training. From the photo shoot, the girls get to know each others more, learned how to put on different poses, and find their own best angle in front of the camera.

This is just a warm-up! There are many other activities and promotional shoots coming up! The girls better keep up; let’s continue to give them some love and support!
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A series of trainings for our ten finalists have begun. The girls went to catwalk and makeup session last weekend. Under the guidance of professional instructors, the ten finalists have learnt a lot from instructors’ demonstration. There are many other trainings and activities coming up in the next two months, they better prepare themselves for the big day, November 18th!

“Journey of Beauty” begins

The ten finalists of Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2016 have been selected after rounds of auditions earlier. Their “Journey of Beauty” begins after they were scheduled to sign the contract to agree dedicating the coming two months for expansive trainings for the Pageant. This “journey” encompasses with opportunities not only could change their values in life but also enables the girls to posses once in a lifetime experiences that they will never forget and to truly enrich their CV.